About DHI

Design Hub International is an integrated design practice with its HQ office based in Kiev and representative office in Rotterdam, which provides architectural, engineering, building consultancy, design & planning services in CIS region and beyond, offering a broad range of professional architectural services for our international partners.

The DHI Architecture’s professional ethos extends equally to the documentation and delivery of our design as to the design itself. Our professional team includes highly experienced specialists in all aspects of project delivery. Highly developed documentation quality assurance systems are a fundamental part of our culture. Our offices are equipped with state-of-the-art computer design, visualization and documentation systems, with access to common databases and libraries. These systems enable us to provide a coordinated output of consistently high quality.

Design Development, Construction Documentation, and Construction Phase services for building projects are highly specialized processes. Throughout the delivery phase, we exercise our proven experience, from the exact detailing of the project’s myriad components and the rigors of coordinating the developed architectural design with the other project consultant disciplines, to the scrupulous review of shop drawings. We understand the built work quality standards, which must be achieved for the user experience, and we document our work with the highest level of attention to detail, durability of the building’s performance and economy of upkeep. Building industry research and development is a major part of our culture, with our vast library and professional staff attending construction industry seminars and other ongoing research programs.

Our industry over recent years has witnessed an exponential rate in the emergence of new technologies in both design and construction. As building design professionals, we strive to stay abreast of these new technologies, methods and systems, in order to best serve our Clients and our profession.

Our Kiev office has developed and maintains a Quality Management System achieves designs which demonstrate an acceptable level of quality, aesthetic and commercial viability in the finished design which substantially meets the Client’s requirements. To achieve this, key aspects of our system include:

• precise definition of our commission with our Client, and regular communication with and response to the Client, and the Client group, concerning project requirements.
• efficient management of the people and teams involved in the project.
• staff understanding of their responsibilities and authorities in respect of the project.
• the testing of the design in a formal manner so that it meets the Client’s requirements in accordance with the contractual arrangements.
• promotion of an effective risk management culture.

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