About DHI

Design Hub International is an integrated design practice with its HQ office based in Kyiv and representative office in Rotterdam, which provides architectural, engineering, building consultancy, design & planning services in CIS region and beyond, offering a broad range of professional architectural services for our international partners.

Our bureau provides a full range of services in the field of architectural design, engineering, construction, consulting, masterplanning and interior design. Starting from the idea of the project to its full implementation.

We offer commercially effective architectural solutions that satisfy both the needs of the business and the desires of the consumer. Professionalism and an entrepreneurial approach to work allow us to create projects that help optimize the costs of our clients, get the maximum result, and satisfy the needs of the end consumer.

Our mission is to create architectural projects that will be relevant even after decades. Using a multifaceted approach to planning and design – a placemaking approach – we strive to create a comfortable urban environment, thanks to which the interests of business and the end consumer do not compete with each other, but complement and strengthen one another.

Key benefits of working with Design Hub International:

Efficient solutions. Creating commercially efficient solutions for our clients. We are ready to share the risks, become co-investors and get up to 50% of the payment in sqm or a share in the business.

Smart management. We believe in resource optimization and flexible integrated teams. We reduce our costs by involving only the core specialists to the project team, depending on the scale, complexity and real project's needs.

International experience. Due to our global design experience – Netherlands, UK, Australia – and an extensive partnership network, we have the opportunity to involve leading international architectural, engineering and consulting companies into our projects on a collaboration basis.

Project Cost Reduction. When creating a project with foreign architects, we can significantly reduce the cost of the design project for the client due to the implementation of part of the work on adapting the concept to the local market. Thanks to this approach, our customers save time, money, and, what is not less important, can use the name of a famous architectural studio for their marketing purposes.

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