Reconstruction of the central square of the Bukovel resort

What changes await the popular Ukrainian ski resort Bukovel?

Architectural solutions for the local tourism development

Local tourism demand as a way to improve infrastructure in Ukraine

Official statement of the company Design Hub International

The pressure on our partners forced us to transfer the situation to the public field.

How the shopping centers have changed over the past ten years

What modern functions can shopping centers use to compete with each other?

Architectural decisions directly affect the success of the mall

How do architectural solutions affect the profitability of commercial properties?

Construction: what architectural trends to expect in the future

How our cities may look and how to make them comfortable for living

The main trends in the shopping centers' construction

What trends will be relevant in the shopping centers' construction in the coming years?

Andrey Yatsentuk talks about what's wrong with the Kyiv architecture

What are the main problems of Kyiv architecture and how to deal with it?

Architectural tandem: how to build successful malls in Ukraine

Why is it worth attracting foreign architects together with Ukrainian ones?

OLX. Office design as one of the competitive advantages

A beautiful office is one of the factors in attracting the best employees.

Central Department Store. Up to $ 1 million per year on architectural solutions.

How to increase commercial space with architectural solutions?

Meeting with DHI: about work, creativity, and international experience

DHI gathered journalists and guests for a press brunch on October 30th.

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