Official statement of the company Design Hub International

02 September 2020


Dear colleagues and partners!


Our company faced the fact of fraud and black PR from the Commercial Construction company. We hired Commercial Construction as a contractor for a major project for the Nova Poshta company. Instead of fulfilling our obligations, we received from the owner of Commercial Construction, Vadim Petrochenko, a four-month delay, overestimation of the cost, violation of partner agreements, setting up a fake criminal case, and an attempt to put pressure on us through the Prosecutor's office.


Pressure on our partners and us forced us to move the situation to the public field. Let's analyze the facts.


  • Work on ventilation in the Nova Poshta office was not completed, and Commercial Construction representatives stopped communicating.
  • Documents submitted by the contractor were filled with overestimating prices and work scope, which increased the customer's overall costs by 150%.
  • Commercial Construction attempted to exert psychological pressure on us by sending letters to our partners, although this is an illegitimate request without a court decision.
  • A fake criminal case was opened against DHI. Claims against about 50 companies of different activity types have been "hanging" on this case since 2017, which reveals in this lawsuit a scheme of pressure on business through law enforcement agencies.
  • We started receiving many negative in social media about our untrustworthy reputation, sent from fake accounts.


Working with this contractor on the project for the Nova Poshta company resulted in reputational and financial losses for DHI. But at the same time, we got a positive experience:

  • our company opened a new service line as a general contractor;
  • we were supported by all our customers and partners who received letters from Commercial Construction — it was essential for us, thank you;
  • not a single client took into account the black PR from our former contractor. Thank you for your trust!

We apologize to the Nova Poshta company, whose project was affected by the actions of Commercial Construction. We are genuinely sorry that we are all forced to look for solutions to the problem created by the contractor's lack of professionalism. We look forward to furthering cooperation!

Andrey Yatsentuk and Design Hub International team


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