Reconstruction of the central square of the Bukovel resort

08 October 2020


A new impetus for the popularization of local tourism. What changes are waiting for the popular Ukrainian ski resort Bukovel, tells Andrey Yatsenyuk in an author column for Commercial Property. 


Continuing the theme of architectural solutions for local tourism development, it is worth mentioning several reasons for tremendous growth. The current situation in Ukraine and the world connected with the spread of COVID-19, the customer's position to decisively improve the offer, infrastructure, comfort, and new zoning of the territory, gives a new impetus to the popularization of the resort of Bukovel.


In addition to the reconstruction of the Central area of the resort, our company received an order to conduct comprehensive work on the zoning of new territories, the development of best use of individual sections of the resort, and architectural solutions of buildings. Besides, a new road to the resort is being built, which will bypass Yaremche and Tatarov. It will be the primary way and the actual entrance to Bukovel for tourists from Kyiv, Lviv,  Ivano-Frankivsk, and neighboring countries.


One of the main problems of Bukovel now is the lack of locations for evening entertainment, and recreational and SPA areas are overloaded. Compared to European ski resorts, it now offers neither cultural nor entertainment programs. Among the possible evening activities – dinner at the restaurant or with friends at the hotel. Therefore, there is a need to create a new high-quality infrastructure for the resort. In this regard, the following functionality will be made in the new areas of Bukovel: a water Park with a SPA complex, a shopping center, a Congress Hall, Parking lots, walking areas, new children's mountain trails, a ski school for kids, an international level large wall for rock climbing, in particular for international competitions. There will also be a new hotel and retail offer.


The coronavirus pandemic has caused a drop in consumer sentiment. People no longer have the opportunity to go on vacation abroad as before. Local tourism may well become a trend in Ukraine, but for this, the market must become more active and provide a high-quality offer for relaxation. Therefore, the owners' desire to streamline the resorts and make them comfortable, attractive, and competitive at the international level gives them a chance to implement all architectural and urban planning plans to improve existing conditions.



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