City Residence Townhouse

Project Details

City residence Townhouse      Kyiv | Ukraine

size: GBA x sqm 

scope: Design / CGI’s  / Property Development / Visualization

lead architect: Andrey Yatsentuk

list of team members: Andrey Yatsentuk , Maryna Savko

status: Under construction

year: 2022


  • A private house with its own territory in the city center. A project of townhouses on a plot in the Solomyansk district of Kyiv, where we acted as both designer and developer. The project includes four three-story business class townhouses in a modern style. The building is designed in such a way that each apartment has its own courtyard and roof terrace. Together with places for parking and bicycles. The architecture was created so that it doesn't repeat itself and creates a feeling of a perfect harmony.

Integrated Services

Residential, Masterplanning, Interior design, Visualization

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