Food market Interiors

Project Details

Food market Interiors      Kyiv | Ukraine

size: GBA x sqm

scope: Concept Design / CGI’s / 3D Modelling / Visualization

lead architect: Andrey Yatsentuk

list of team members: Andrey Yatsentuk , Maryna Savko

status: Concept

year: 2022


  • The project, which is unique for Kyiv, is a modern indoor market that includes food halls, restaurants and a market format divided into different product groups. There is a huge fish market in a separate pavilion, a meat market with a large number of related products on 20 thousand square meters of trade area. The market consists of different units. Such as: a pavilion with imported goods from different regions of the world, a meat market with exposition and processing directly on the territory, an amphitheater and holding events area. Also wonder, that the object is designed for different groups of consumers and is targeted to work for about 18 hours a day.

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