Nestle Office Interior Design

Project Details

Nestle Office Interior Design       Kyiv | Ukraine

size: GBA x sqm 

scope: Interior Design / Graphics / Supervision CGI’s / Visualization

lead architect: Andrey Yatsentuk

list of team members: Andrey Yatsentuk , Maryna Savko

status: Complete

year: 2022



  • Nestl√© new office in Ukraine with an area of 4,500 square meters. Located in the business district of the city on two floors of a new elite-class business center. The main goal was to create the most comfortable conditions for office workers. In addition, to emphasize the authenticity and position of the company regarding the preservation of the environment. Design slogan: the office is like a home. That's why we created a large number of comfortable, cozy, home-like areas to encourage more people to change the remote format and work from a comfortable office.

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