Svitlo Mall

Project Details

Svitlo Mall       Kyiv | Ukraine

size: GBA x sqm

scope: Concept Design / CGI’s / 3D Modelling / Visualization

lead architect: Andrey Yatsentuk

list of team members: Andrey Yatsentuk , Maryna Savko

status: Concept

year: 2022



  • The project of the multi-functional center on Stolychne Highway in Kyiv. It is located in a very traffic area near the Svitlo Park residential complex. The limitations in the design were justified by the clamped section of the irregular triangular shape. Also, sanitary zones influenced the configuration and placement of functional objects built into one complex. Therefore, our main task was to place all the functionality in the cramped area, distribute the connections, make the right technology for shopping malls and offer an interesting solution for the facades. The components of the complex are an underground parking lot, shopping center, business center, and service apartments. The volume-spatial configuration includes a stylobate part in which there is a mall with a supermarket, a food hall, an inner courtyard with an operational roof, which creates an ideal place for employees of the office center and guests of the mall to relax. On the stylobate - a business center and apartments with a beautiful view of the Dnipro River and the Kyiv slopes.

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