TEMP Shopping Mall Interior Design

Project Details

TEMP Shopping mall interior design      Khmelnytsky | Ukraine

size: GBA х sqm 

scope: Interior Design / Graphics / Supervision CGI’s / Visualization

lead architect: Andrey Yatsentuk

list of team members: Andrey Yatsentuk , Maryna Savko

status: under construction

year: 2021


  • Reconstruction of production blocks of the “Temp” plant into a shopping mall with an office part. We have been working on the interior design of the shopping center “Temp” with an area of x sqm specializing in sports goods and active leisure. The main feature of this project is that both input groups have huge powerful art-installations. There is also an office part that will be used as an office center and coworking. This unit has a strict premium style, but given the active bright concept of the shopping center.

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